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If you haven't looked at this LIMS software for agricultural, industrial and environmental labs recently, you owe it to yourself to take another look!

To upgrade, to buy or to build, that is the question...

For many, Y2K was "much ado about nothing," so in retrospect many laboratories are loathe to invest in change to their infrastructure without significant proof that it's a recoverable expense. Assuming that all commercially available LIMS are equally accurate, vendors must convince labs by a general improvement in productivity in the short-term and an overall boost in flexibility and scalability in the long run, that substitution is an economically viable option. That's a fair enough consideration for any potential customer to ask of any LIMS vendor. Desert Oasis addresses the fears some potential users may have of replacing pre-existing known software shortcomings with ALIS by emphasizing the following points:

  • Similarly powerful to, yet far cheaper than, proprietary SQLs with front ends, this database engine with the ALIS graphic user interface, works very well. (Please refer to SoftVelocity.com for specs.)
  • Because ALIS is a stable, interdisciplinary, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) LIMS product, there is minimal implementation downtime.
  • There is little development downtime even with customization as ALIS is written in Clarion to run on an MS Windows environment.
  • ALIS' on-line tutorials are available for training, setup and data entry to hasten systems operation.
  • ALIS' on-line report approval screens and the "Try a Formula" button hasten system formulas validation to "go live" quickly.
  • ALIS' built-in import and export routines for historical records during initial system setup and during daily raw data entry eliminate typographical errors and tediously redundant manual data entry for decreased turn-around time (TAT).
  • ALIS has no need for an expensive DBA on staff to adjust for increased sample volume.
  • ALIS' auto-import from equipment speeds turn-around time.
  • ALIS' automated EDDs soon will include SEDD compliance for EPA reporting and will be available to link environmental information network (EIN) with end-users.
  • ALIS' secure Internet Interface allows remote access of read-only (RO) test results and recommendations in real-time.
  • ALIS' scheduling tracks incomplete lab samples onscreen for call-in client queries.
  • ALIS' optional ODBC driver allows easy data access.
  • ALIS' pre-defined check boxes and radio buttons standardize data redundancies cascaded throughout the system, so as to accommodate user-definability along with text box parameters, e.g., formulas.
  • ALIS' "What If" soils menu selection assists experts in determining varied fertility recommendations for alternative crops.

  • ALIS configurable database modules are based on hydrologic matrices, so it's scalable to the type and size of the laboratory.

What are your peers saying about us?

" Dear Mr. Payne,

... Until we started working with you our only experience with programmers, and we've worked with several, had been rather unpleasant and mostly a huge waste of time and effort. We have been fooling around for about 5 years trying to get a software package we could use, being controlled by people who did not know what we were doing and had no interest in trying to work with us. Every time we detailed what we wanted to do we were told 1) you can't do that or 2) you don't need to do that. I'm telling you this so you know how much we really mean it when we say we appreciate your efforts. ...
Thanks again,"

Donald G. Wetterauer
[Iowa State University]
Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011

"Hello Pete!

... I think we are getting into a productive routine with the compost report module. Our customers are responding well to the new format -- especially the percentage bar graphs. Thank you for all your hard work!...

Best regards, "
Dawn Angarone
[Midwest BioSystems]

Contact us today, to see why universities like Kansas State, Cornell, Iowa State and others are using ALIS in their labs. Find out what private labs have discovered about ALIS' ease of use. Check out the program to see why consulting firms use ALIS. Download your own fully functional time limited copy of ALIS, or download the tutorials, from our Downloads page. Only faxing is disabled in the demo files.

No registration forms or required information forms are involved. Questions will be gladly answered either on our toll-free line at 1-888-745-2547, or via e-mail at: [email protected] Just a quick note, version 2.0 is scheduled for release in Spring of 2004. If you wish to beat any price increases, purchase a license for 1.9h now, and get the upgrade to version 2.0 for free! Read more about it in 'What's New'.

Desert Oasis Software Company
PO Box 1445
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Toll-Free 1.888.745.2547
[email protected]
Spanish assistance available. ¡Mark habla Español!

ALIS is written in Clarion.
Never heard of the Clarion language? These companies have!
See our hydrologic cycle graphic.

Desert Oasis Software Company
PO Box 1445
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Toll-Free 1.888.745.2547
[email protected]
Spanish assistance available. ¡Mark habla Español!

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